ACCOUNTS This section is used for the recording of simple records of debit and credit,  so a record of business turnover is available via reports.  Records are added automatically from several sections such as the Cashbook. This is the main screen, with the usual display - NEW, DELETE, EDIT and  SELL STOCK buttons perform the function they describe.  The columns C/D  denotes whether the record is credit or debit, and the STOCK column denotes  if this sale is from stock. Initially the current month and year is selected but you may wish to change this by clicking the button shown below. SET UP MONTH is to create a new month with the regular payments (from the SETTINGS  section) already entered.  As a safety feature the function will not work if there are already records  entered for the month. Confirm that you wish to set up the month and if any entries exist for the weekly or monthly database (SETTINGS section) these will be calculated and entries added.