CASHBOOK ALL sections can be closed by clicking the EXIT button.  Sometimes if you click it and nothing happens, this means that a process has not completed  and you cannot exit at that time.  Either complete or cancel whatever you are doing and try again. The main screen for the cashbook.  Each part will be shown below, starting with entering a student via the search button: Type a partial  surname and click SEARCH.  The first match will be shown. you can then move through the database using the navigator buttons or if the correct person, click SELECT. Assuming you’ve accepted the entry (in this example) the main screen for this person is shown. It has a lot of information on it including any fees  the person owes, the licence status and the number of prepaid tickets. A number of options exist to enable all situations to be handled easily and quickly. After all, booking in of students needs to be speedy, especially when everyone comes in together at the last minute right before the class starts. The TEMPORARY change is for times when you don’t wish to change the code forever. Once you select a code the student is REGISTERED automatically. There may be times when the amount charged differs to any of the pre-set codes.  This function allows for any amount to be entered AND registers the  person automatically. NOTE: the registration system does not include the OO code in the total training, but it will be once the fees are paid.  This was on the assumption that they haven’t paid so the session cannot count towards their total. Once registered, take the fees owed or sell stock (or prepaid tickets) and  click PAY NOW.  A receipt can be printed. Selling stock is the same process as shown in ACCOUNTS section.  The  price of the total items sold is then added to the cashbook amount, which you take from the student before clicking PAY NOW. For times when visitors arrive and you don’t want to add a complete new record for them, use this function to enter and register a guest.  Minimum requirement is an amount and a name. If you enter an invalid number or you scan a bar code that is not correct than this box will be shown.   Correct your mistake and try again or use the SEARCH button to  find the student. The bar code scanner box (next to FIND) can accept bar codes for STOCK  items and PREPAID tickets.  It can  automatically distinguish between the different codes and directs you to the  right place.  The quickest method is to scan the member’s card. PDF FILE location and filename shown on each report.  Use Adobe Acrobat reader (free of charge) to view PDF’s. Ensure you select the real fee code of the student to continue.  ZERO value codes are not shown in the list. The session total can be a minus and if so, the total is reduced by that amount. Click USE TICKET TO REGISTER will decrease the number and automatically register the student.  As before, you can sell stock or just click PAY NOW,  with the value being ZERO, because you have already taken the money for the tickets sold to this student. Updates the database Once a valid fee code has been set, you can then select or type the number of tickets you wish to sell. The TOTAL box reflects the number times by the fee code cost, in this case £3 x 3.  When finished, click the PURCHASE button. If you have a  DYMO installed you will be offered the choice of labels or the regular printer.  If no DYMO installed then this box does not appear. Once you have SELECTED PRINTER FOR OUTPUT, the confirmation button waits for you to click it.  This will give opportunity to load A4 card or labels into the chosen printer. The ticket can be printed or saved as per normal procedure.  The TRIAL  version has the shareware message overprinted and is not shown on the registered versions. After print you need to confirm they printed correctly, if not they will be  printed again.  This is in case of jams and the like.  It happens. The only thing remaining to do, is take payment and click PAY NOW