INSTALLATION Upon first running the program it is highly recommended you set up the system to your requirements before adding any student data.  On the  menu, you will see this button: FIRST STEPS RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT BUTTON CONTROLS Every section will have ADD, DELETE and EDIT, along with a navigator button section.  These perform the same function for each, and it is  not necessary to describe them every time for every section, apart from here: ADD A RECORD DELETE A RECORD EDIT A RECORD ADJUST ORDER OF ITEMS NAVIGATE  THE LIST OF DATA CLUB (group) EDITOR So, depending upon your current version, ADD will only allow new entries in the STANDARD version and above.  You can EDIT in any version. GRADES EDITOR SUPPLIER EDITOR This section defines your stock item product suppliers, their details and is linked to the STOCK section.  The supplier information is used when ordering products. SUPPLIER NAME is the only default item that you must enter.  To get the most, you should enter the rest of the details, because the stock order  process uses the information for purchase requests. STOCK CATEGORIES EDITOR These categories are used in the STOCK section, to help limit the list of  items (see STOCK section for more information).  Again, once you enter  the details of a category it can be moved up or down the list. INSTRUCTOR EDITOR If student details are available then highlight a NAME and click REFRESH,  this fills the boxes below with data.  UPDATE saves the information.  Once a club has been assigned, you’ll see it in the box at the bottom. SESSION FEES EDITOR Editing and Adding have the same functions as in other sections.  Save the data with the update button. COUNTIES EDITOR Very self-explanatory and used where data is required for addresses.  Any  county names you require that are not included can easily be added to the alphabetical list. AUTOCOMPLETE FIELD EDITOR PAYMENTS EDITOR For monthly items the day (date) is required, along with the payment  type: CASH, CHQ (cheque), SO or DD, etc.  For weekly items the day of the week is required. THE FILE MENU To QUIT, select FILE, EXIT and choose YES.  If the TRIAL VERSION is  running then you will see this reminder box: