MARTIAL ARTS CLUB MANAGER KEY POINTS: Designed and produced by a  practicing Martial Artist originally  for his own use but soon people  wanted to buy it because it was so good!  IT’S A BRITISH PRODUCT A huge number of Dojo Managers expect a monthly fee for the use of their software;  the highest fee seen was $155 per month!   OURS HAS ABSOLUTELY NO MONTHLY FEES! There’s a one-off fee and this depends upon the version you wish to purchase.  See the comparison chart to decide which one is best for you. MEMBERSHIP AND ACCOUNTS Other software has renewable fees and the updates issued are charged for as extras.  Imagine, you’re paying a  monthly fee AND for the updates!  NO FEES FOR UPDATES! UPDATES are downloaded and installed automatically, just click the menu item on your registered version.  Installed and updated with no intervention. The competition have ready built  reports (we do too), however there may be times when you want to make your own from the data…   CUSTOM SQL REPORTS YOU CAN EXPORT TO WORD OR EXCEL! The custom SQL designer shown below allows you to isolate the data you need and export to any format - TEXT, COMMA DELIMITED, WORD EXCEL, etc. Standard reports have 3 for each section. They are the most used ones as discovered during many years use. How many of the competition integrate POS bar codes into every aspect of the application?  OURS HAS IT BUILT IN! WHAT MAKES OUR SOFTWARE BETTER THAN THE THOUSANDS OF CLONES? IT’S UP TO YOU … IF YOU WANT A PHYSICAL BOX AND DISK YOU CAN HAVE ONE  (POST FREE*) MAKE THE FIRST STEP, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW! OR * UK AND IRELAND (FREE POSTAGE), OTHERS AT STANDARD RATE £2.99