STUDENTS EDITOR This section is used for management of student information. The buttons on the right do most of the work for this section.  They are: SEARCH - enter in first/second name details of any amount and the  first record nearest will be shown Subject to version limits, this adds a new student record Editing the current record Make a copy of the current record, and choose the fields you want to copy over DELETE permanently ALL	traces of the current student.  It might be better to simply untag their “TRAINING STATUS” field so they aren’t included in searches. ADDING A RECORD The captured shot is put into the image field of the  record ready to be saved.  The PHOTO TAG is also set.  This is used in the member card area, where you can check the box to show just tagged students. Other aspects of the new record you need to complete are: ADD NEW LICENCE DELETE EDIT MAKE CURRENT: the highlighted licence  details  are placed in the student’s current record and saved with it.  This is the field checked to see if a valid  licence is available.  Making a current licence can be done later if details aren’t known ADD NEW GRADE INFO DELETE EDIT MAKE CURRENT:  Sets the highlighted grade as the current one for this  student in the same way as for the licence section. These two sections eventually build into a historical view of the student and their progress during membership. The COMMENTS and 	HEALTH sections are optional to record any free-flow textual Information about the student.  You should remember the student has the legal right to view anything here that you write about them. Another optional area is AWARDS.  This can record anything given to the student, such as ATTENDANCE awards. The buttons work in the same way as other areas, ADD, DELETE and EDIT. To finish, click SAVE for new records, OR as in this screenshot Click UPDATE to update an EDITED record.  If you cancel all changes will be lost (except the addition of licences and grades but not including those set as current) The SEARCH button allows you to find a student quickly using partial data.  Type any amount in any box and the first record with similar  details will be shown or a a message saying it wasn’t  possible. When deleting, because it removes everything, there is a safety reminder  question asking you to confirm the delete. To finish using the student editor click the EXIT button, but sometimes you may click this and nothing happens.  This means that you are in the middle of another process and need to cancel or finish that task first.