PRINTING AND EXPORTING This section contains standard reports, or if none are suitable, a custom report maker.  The data can be exported to a variety of external applications such as Word and Excel. STANDARD REPORTS section contains 3 areas, each with 3 reports.  Each is partly customisable via check boxes and date entry to give variations on the main report. The MEMBERS report section consists of 3 items: The MEMBERS LIST option, once selected, allows you to select a club (if more than one) and whether members are training or not. The report produced can be printed or saved for viewing later.  The trial  version has “shareware” messages on all reports.  In this example the data has been BLURRED out because it is based on real information. For the LICENCE EXPIRY report the options include a check box to ignore the selected date, e.g. it will include ALL dates rather than just one month and year.  This can be useful to see upcoming renewals. The NO LICENCE report gives a list of students  with no current licence. The ACCOUNTS report section consists of 3 items: The REGISTRATION report section consists of 3 items: Here is the screen for the PERIOD REPORT for the REGISTER section.  The register report can be full detailing the entire attendance for all students who qualify for this report, or a brief listing detailing just the number of  sessions attended. The STANDARD STOCK REPORTS consist of 3 sections, and are again fairly simple to navigate not requiring too much by way of additional information. the STOCK REPORT lists all the stock along with other relevant details. The REORDER REPORT starts with selecting the supplier you want to use. Select the CLUB, if more than one Select the supplier Click the VIEW button This order can be forwarded to the supplier and can be output to printer or saved (as a PDF if you have a pdf printer).  The A4 report has space at the top for headed paper - the message is not printed in registered versions. The last option is for bar code labels, either as a full listing with ALL the stock items, as per this screen: Or as an individual item printed multiple times on A4 size paper or L7162 Avery labels as per this screen: L7162 Avery Labels for the individual stock item printed multiple times so you can stick onto the product ready for scanning at point of sale  during booking in. STANDARD REPORTS CUSTOM SQL (& EXPORT) YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THAT! The SQL is created using click and select… You can then either PRINT or EXPORT the  data from the SQL script that you created.     The results of any SQL is always shown in  the grid box below. PRINT QRP QUICK REPORTS When you save a report it is named with  QRP extension and can be viewed again using this section. The SINGLELABELX16.QRP file in the list is a barcode label print out that was saved and is for one stock item printed multiple times. plus other options related to the SQL entry such as ADD and CLEAR. In a similar way the EXPORT button and dialog allows you to select the  columns (fields) you wish to use.   Nine output file types are available  including the popular  RTF/TEXT, WORD and EXCEL types. Other options are header and footer, captions and width, etc.   To start the export click the START EXPORT button.  A filename and folder at the top is required for the process to begin.