UTILITIES UTILITIES section is only available to the following versions: The Utilities are available and function normally, but nothing is saved to the database, in this version: AGE UPDATE AND THE GRADE UPDATE SIMULATE THE GRADING AND DETERMINE THE BELTS REQUIRED BASED ON THE STOCK LEVELS WHEN ENTERED VIA CASHBOOK THE  STUDENTS CAN BE TAGGED - SELECT TO LIMIT THE LIST TO THOSE WHO ATTENDED ONLY ONLY THOSE WHO CURRENTLY ARE TRAINING A CLUB can only be selected if more than one is available.  Click NEXT to  begin the update process. The system has pre-selected the next grade for each student.  Go through each one and INCLUDE it in the final result, or EXCLUDE.  If the calculated grade is incorrect you can change it using the CHANGE NEW GRADE button. The Utilities will only work in STANDARD PLUS and ENTERPRISE versions. The TRIAL version does not  save the results to the  Database. The simulation report details the students for each new grade and the belt  requirements at that level, plus the stock level for each. Using the  STANDARD REPORTS for stock, an actual order for belts can be made to the relevant supplier. MEMBER CARDS Check ALL students who you wish to include in this part - the number you tag is not important, the system will print 8 per A4 page.  It is probably best to use stiff card for the final result and then use laminating pouches to ensure they last. To view and print, click the DISPLAY button.  The TRIAL version will have messages overprinted, these don’t appear in the registered versions. Print the report, laminate and give to the student.   The bar code is their member Number, shown in the student section.  When booking in, you can just type their number! SELECT A CLUB if more than One available otherwise the Default is already selected. As in all other sections, check this to limit the list to those  who are actually training To begin the update, click the NEXT STAGE button If not the TRIAL version the database will be amended for all students who are now 16 years old.  In this example, 32 records would have been updated during this process. STOCK UPDATE Click UPDATE to Save the data STANDARD PLUS and ENTERPRISE versions save the data.  Utilities are not available in the STANDARD version and are for demonstration purposes in the TRIAL. BACKUP AND RESTORE Select to BACKUP or RESTORE These are the areas that will be backed up.  The file is located in a sub-folder of the main programme folder, called:  “DATABACKUP”  You can copy this file off-site if you wish. To start, click this button If not the TRIAL version then you should see          next to each item. If you do not, then the copy has failed. TRIAL VERSION MESSAGE