STOCK This section is used for the recording of items for sale, e.g. belts and uniforms and additionally stock re-order quantities and supplier details. Supplier name is selected from the drop down box, while the code is the  reference used for the product by the supplier. The order can be changed using the MOVE button so that stock items can be grouped together.  In this  example, the category is also included in the product name although this is not necessary if you set the category of  the product as shown above. The SELL PRICE is your final sale price and the one given when selling this item. It is usually the RRP and includes your profit margin.  Ensure the QUANTITY is specified or it may not appear in stock lists shown in CASHBOOK and ACCOUNTS sections. NOTE: if you specify a quantity of “999” for a stock item, the total amount will NOT decrease when you sell an item.  This is useful for membership options that you never run out of.